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  • Paver Patios & Walkways

  •      Brick paver is an attractive alternative to the everyday wooden deck or concrete patio. And with a little imagination, you can customize a paver walkway or paver patio which will perfectly complement your Minnesota home. Brick pavers can bring charm to everyday outdoor spaces. Paver paths, sidewalks, and patios come alive with pattern, texture and color. All of this plus the durability and quality built into every paver patio project.

  • Should I pour a concrete patio or use paver bricks?

         In Minnesota, for a 100 square foot patio project, the cost of using paver bricks is half the cost of a poured concrete pad. The larger the project, the more cost efficient poured concrete becomes. Paver bricks, however, provide much more design and color flexibility. Also, replacing a broken paver brick is much easier than repairing a cracked, poured concrete pad.